Steel River Solar Lantern
Steel River Solar Lantern

Steel River Solar Lantern

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    • Manufacturer: Steel River
    • Lighting Source: 36 LED Bulbs
    • Charging Source: Solar Panel, Hand Crank, 12v Car Adapter, Wall Adapter
    • Power Output: USB Device Charging Port (micro USB Adapter Included)
    • Whether heavy winds, rain, snow or ice - The Revere Solar Lantern is ready to use at a moments notice at the push of a button 
    • Leave the lantern in view of the sun to keep a full charge (up to 6 hours of illumination) - and in a bind, give an extra charge with the integrated hand crank
    • Give your USB devices an extra kick with the built-in USB charger. Our devices aren't bricked just because the lights go out - keep them going with a charge from your Revere Solar Lantern's USB Charger